Endovascular Trauma Management Symposium Örebrossa 2017

Näyttökuva 2016-08-24 kello 8.12.12

The first ever EVTM/REBOA international symposium!

EVTM Flyer
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EndoVascular hybrid Trauma and bleeding Management (EVTM) is moving rapidly into clinical use. It includes adopting a multidisciplinary approach, early femoral vascular access (AABCDE), Aortic Balloon Occlusion (ABO or REBOA), angiography, embolization, and the use of stent grafts and hybrid surgical methods for bleeding control. EVTM can be used immediately on patient arrival, or in pre-hospital or battlefield scenarios.

We believe that EVTM is here to stay, and should be applied in all severe trauma and bleeding cases. This signals a paradigm shift within trauma and bleeding management. The EVTM symposium raises burning issues, and time will be devoted to debate and open discussion.

• REBOA – what do we know?
• REBOA penetration vs. blunt trauma
• Partial REBOA (pREBOA) vs. total REBOA (tREBOA), intermitted REBOA (iREBOA),
and field transfer REBOA (fREBOA)
• Open vs. Endo bleeding management; endovascular and hybrid
• Who should do REBOA? When? Indications and training
• Vascular access: when and how?
• Complications
• From pre-hospital to ICU aspects of EVTM and multidisciplinary approach
• Human and experimental data; prospective and retrospective studies
• New technologies for bleeding control

Join the EVTM symposium for discussion and debate with us.
February 2017, Sweden. Welcome!